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Become a Front-End, Back-End, or Full-Stack Certified web developer. Learn how to build beautiful, interactive websites by learning the fundamentals, intemeridate and advanced technologies being used today to design and develop robust web-based applications. The projgrams provide three certification track to be certified. All cetifications are project-based. Students who complete certification traing will have web-based application projects designed, developed and deployed to provide a valuable portfolio of their work at the compelte of each cetrtification track.


The Information Technology Web Development Certification program is taught by Prof. Carl Burnett, a faculty member with many years of experience in information technology. Mr. Burnett has been teaching for over 40 years in military and academic institutions around the world. Mr. Burnett's body of work includes the development new information technology that has been consistently cited in industry publications and patent applications. He holds various patents that are industry standards and is a certified member of global standardization committees to include:

These standard development organizations (SDO) ensure information technology is used in accordance with industry standards so information systems are interoperable worldwide.


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